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Our company is built on the principles of making quality products and providing reliable service. Our diversified product range continues to grow by following trends, improving our product standards, and listening to the customer. Our unique service has established our place in the industry, this allows us to make a distinctive and substantial impact for our clients.

In the early 1990's, Falcon applied additional resources to the growing west Michigan need for small to medium sized progressive dies. This initiative has generated a positive company reputation as a leading supplier of progressive dies. Falcon's next product introduction occured in the mid 1990's with the addition of the skills necessary to design and manufacture dies used in the metal roll forming process.

Falcon relocated in 1967 to a new facility. To meet increasing customer demand, the facility has undergone expansion in the early 1970's, as well as, another in the early 1980's, and our latest in 2006. The current facility footprint of nearly twenty-eight thousand square feet. Since, major facility, equipment, technology, layout and real estate improvements have annually increased productivity, capacity and capabilities.

The capital equipment employed by Falcon is capable of providing the breadth necessary to handle all tool building needs. Falcon also has taken a local leadership position in the application of technology to increase quality and productivity. Current management has committed record levels of capital investment in pursuit of continuous improvement as seen in Falcon's installation of 3D laser scanning capabilities, new CNC mills, and CAD/CAM Software updates. Additionally, recent capital investments have increased capacity in material handling, stamping press operations, larger fork trucks, and a larger capacity for trucking.

Falcon's design innovation and creative application skills have enabled customers to effectively produce many new, unique components and assemblies. As an integral member of the customers' developement team, Falcon has contributed to the introduction of hundreds of successful product innovations ranging from large vehicle frame members to small intricate spring steel components.

Falcon operates a central, one story facility covering nearly twenty-eight thousand square feet. Design, critical machining and trial production are conducted in-house. Resident capabilities include Solids design, CAD/CAM manufacturing, precision grinding, milling, boring, welding, wire electrical discharge machining (EDM), and CNC machining. Carefully selected vendors provide ancillary services as may be required.

Industries Served:

Automotive, Office Furniture, Appliance, Heavy Equipment, Powersports

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